Calvin Harris has reportedly had a new girlfriend for weeks and WHAA?!

Forrealz this time, there's solid evidence.

By Natasha Harding

If you've been wondering about Calvin's reaction to this whole Tay vs Kim drama then you might be surprised to know he's probs too busy to care... coz he has a new bae.

Yep, after one of the messiest break ups in history Calvin babes has reportedly moved on from T-swizzle with 23-year-old Tinashe.

It was only the other day there were reports he was getting close with pussycat babe Nicole Scherzinger after they were spotted at a club together, but that's apparently last week's nonsense news now.

According to Page Six, a source said Calvin and Tinashe "have been seeing each other on the DL" for weeks, "so it’s still pretty casual right now."

If this timeline is true, that means Tinashe has been sitting on the sidelines of the whole Taylor Swift/Tom Hiddleston crapstorm, probs thinking "WTH have I gotten myself into?".

Since first meeting back in 2014 while working together on their collab Dollar Signs, the source explained Calvin and Tinashe "stayed in touch and recently started hanging out again."

Yup, just the other night Tinashe and Calvin were spotted on a romantic date at the famous celeb hot-spot, Nobu, in Malibu with a witness saying, 'it was clearly a date, they were super-close.'

To add more evidence to the case file, Tinashe has written some not-so-subtle posts, clearly declaring herself #TeamCalvin (or maybs just anti-Taylor).

Just the other day she shared this pic on Insta blowing a kiss to an unnamed lurver, with the caption ‘They will never love you like I love you, babe’. Referring to Calvin while haters be giving him crap? Almost defs.

Aaaaand going further back, she took Nicki Minaj’s side in the whole VMA Twitter storm with Tay:

After openly accusing Tay of being a fraud the year before…

Welp, if Calvin wanted to stick it to Tay, going out with someone who really dun like her is one way to do it. Maybe that’s what Calvin and Tinashe even bonded over second time round? Who even knows anymore with these guys.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com.au