Is a Calvin Harris and Kayne West collab seriously on the cards?

Epic banger alert.

By Amber Manto

If you have been keeping up with all the drama (and let's be real, who hasn't?!), you no doubt heard Calvin Harris and Kanye West were maybe, probs, coulda been working on a collab.

Considering they have a lot in common it wasn’t too far of a stretch to believe we could get some bangers out of the two. Think about it – they both write songs, they both have history with Taylor er… yeah, see heaps in common.

Well Calvin has now shot that idea down. Why? Because he reckons he doesn’t know Kanye well enough, sources have told TMZ.


TMZ reports these same sources claim Calvin, being the gentleman he is, also has no plans to team up with Yeezy cause it would be a huge diss to Tay and he just ain’t about that. He wants to leave all that Taylor history where it belongs - in the past.

Looks like we won't be getting that dance/rap banger after all.