Calvin Harris’ video for Olé is here and it’s basically a retelling of Hiddleswift’s romance

Take off those sunglasses coz there’s shade forecast.

By Amber Manto

Who could forget Calvin being the first man on planet Earth to beat T-swift at her own game and release a breakup song before she could.

He wrote and produced a track called Olé for John Newman and if you take a look at the lyrics it’s pretty shady – basically about a guy whose girlfriend leaves him for another guy so yeah, nothing like what happened or anything. ~cough~

As if the lyrics weren’t blatantly obvious enough, there's a ~theory~ going around in interwebz that there’s something sneakily familiar about what happens in the clip… with fans claiming it’s basically re-telling the whirlwind romance that is Hiddleswift.

Let’s break down the evidence shall we:

First up… it shows Calvin sitting on a rock with some hot ~ladies~.

Which could reference the time Hiddleswift became a thing to the world – with Tom and Tay, aka T squared, sitting on rocks.

Bit loose? Yeah kinda… let’s move on.

Secondly, there's a shot where Calvin is sitting on a chair surrounded by more ~ladies~ and some fella which could again reference this moment at Tay’s July 4 extravaganza.

Still not convinced? Okay then, how about this: Calvin stops sitting and goes for a stroll on the beach with the same ~ladies~ and the same fella…

Which Hiddleswift did when they visited the UK as part of their World Tour.

Coincidence or Calvin’s last word? Whether it’s shady or not let’s be real here, it ain’t nothing on Abigail Breslin’s breakup song for 5SOS’s Mikey Clifford titled You Suck, that’s for damn sure.

You can watch the full video forOlé right HERE and make up your own mind.