Calvin Harris was the butt of a Taylor Swift joke and he didn't take it well

Prepare to cringe for days.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift's break up was probably the most unexpected thing to ever happen, but what was even more shocking was how #nasty it all turned.

From a 'love and respect' tweet to a war waged, it's been an intense two months since the pair split.

Clearly, Calvin is still ~feelin' it~ because after a joke was made in poor taste he went AWKWARD AS HELL.

On Saturday night Calvin and many other artists celebrated Caesar Palace's 50th Anniversary Gala, and according to The Sun host Howie Mandel made a jab towards #TALVIN.

"Nice suit — who is your Taylor?" he asked.

"Nice one … I guess you had that one prepared," Calvin responded, accompanied by a total of zero LOLs.

One guest commented, "Calvin was not impressed with that joke at all. It was as if Howie did not know that he and Taylor had split up, so it appeared to be a diss to Calvin.

"He just looked completely shell-shocked, but he quickly pulled himself together and interacted with the crowd."

Ahhhhhh gotta love nek level cringe moments.