Calvin Harris was low-key rude to Taylor Swift in his VMAs acceptance speech

C'mon Calvz, ya better than that.

By Sammy Stewart

The VMA's have officially taken off and the drama is ON ANOTHER LEVEL.

First it was Kanye and his Ray J rant and now Calvin has taken a trip down ~shady~ avenue.

Although Calvin couldn't make it to the actual awards show, he did pop on by when he won the Best Male Video award for This Is What You Came For.

In his live-streamed acceptance speech, Calvin said: "I need to thank Rihanna from the bottom of my heart. You’re a superstar. Every time we worked together, you bring something so magical to the project so thank you.”

Calvin also thanked Emil Nava, who directed the clip but totally (and probs intentionally) didn't dare mention Taylor, who wrote the killer tune.

C'mon Calvz, it's been ages, time to move on m8.