Calvin Klein MAJORLY shaded Kendall Jenner

She's pretty much a nobody is his eyes.

By Erin Van Der Meer
kendall jenner, calvin klein

You can’t deny that Kendall Jenner looked ~FIAH~ in her recent campaign for Calvin Klein. Er, unless you’re Calvin Klein himself.

As Fashionista reported, the designer, who sold the label 13 years ago, was asked what he thought of the brand’s latest campaign that featured Kendall, as well as Justin Bieber, and his answer revealed he wasn’t her biggest fan.

“You know, I'm really not that familiar with it. I'm honestly not,” he said when asked about Kendall’s campaign in particular.

"I'm sure she's a lovely young woman. It's not the kind of thing I would have done, even today. Justin Bieber, yes," he added.

Calvin, without saying it directly, basically said he thought Kendall had been chosen because of how many followers she has on Instagram, and not necessarily because she the best fit for the brand.

"Now, models are paid for how many followers they have. They're booked not because they represent the essence of the designer, which is what I tried to do — they're booked because of how many followers they have online. I don't think that, long-term, is going to work. I don't think that's a great formula for success for the product you're trying to sell."

~OooOOooOOH~ indirect shade. #BURN

All we know is Kendall looks ~AMAZE~ in that shoot, 54.3 million followers or not.

Source: Cosmopolitan.com.au