Cameron Dallas cuddling up to a dog is what you need in your life


Cameron Dallas cuddling a dog

There are plenty of people who gladly volunteer as tribute to spend the day on a photo shoot with Cameron Dallas, especially if there's a kiss involved. And there's one very lucky little cutie who got to do just that and thankfully Cam documented this all on his Instagram story because who doesn't need a daily dose of cuteness in their lives?

Cam is currently in Spain, taking part in some photo shoots and while he was on location shooting last night, he took the time to bond with the most precious dog.

He got mighty cozy with this French bulldog and just had to give the pooch some kisses of course.

This is basically one of the best things you'll see all day. As you may recall, the Chasing Cameron star once worked with a dog on a photo shoot and actually ended up adopting the precious dog into his family. That's how his husky Jaxx came into his life, which is just all types of amazing. Shout-out to Cameron for bringing all of these adorable dog-tales into the world.