Cameron Dallas is after this baben' popstar

Okay we ship it.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Cameron Dallas wants to date Rihanna

It really seems like the universe wants to see Cameron Dallas with a girlfriend, or at least his fans do and we all know his fandom is kind of big. (Safe to say it's in the millions!) Although he has been rumored to be dating models Chase Carter and Sofia Richie in the past and basically any girl he ever hangs out with, Cam has insisted he's super single and has only ever had one serious relationship in his life, back when he was in high school.

But it looks like there is someone he has his eye on, and we're just going to go right out and say he totally ships himself with this stunning beauty. She's super talented and pretty much one of the fiercest and most fabulous women in the music and fashion game: the one and only Rihanna. Yes, we are talking about Queen RiRi herself and if you've taken a close look at Cam's Twitter account, you would see he's dropping some not-so-subtle hints that he's totally crushing on her.

Cameron has been liking some highly convincing, super impressive fan-made manips of himself hanging out with Rihanna. Tbh, these two actually look really cute together. Front row at a fashion show?

Yup, clearly slaying. Looking ridiculous happy and cute laughing together?

Nailed it. The Chasing Cameron star has said in the past quite a few times actually that his all-time celebrity crush is the "Work" singer, so clearly she's someone he's always had a thing for.

She recently dated rapper Drake, who Cam is a huge fan of as well, so it makes sense Rihanna is the woman of his dreams. And c'mon it's Rihanna, she's kind of a big deal!

As amazing as it would be for Cameron's wildest dreams to come true, we don't see really see him and the songstress ever making things official, so looks like we'll all just have to settle for these manips. Bless the Internet and Cameron's loyal fans for helping him out this way.