Cameron Dallas' mum proves she knows him way better than his fans and it's adorable

Gina vs the fandom.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Who knows Cameron Dallas better? His mother or his fans

Cameron Dallas is single y'all (yep, we're serious), but he has his loving fans. Although, as much as you might think (as a fan) that you know him better than anyone, you haven't met his mum, Gina Bannemer.

Cam has has always said how important his mum and sister Sierra is to him, as they basically raised him. Since his fans are so dedicated, he decided to put his mum to the ultimate test and asked her some questions to see if she really does know him better than anyone else.

GINA VS THE FANS!!! Cameron asked his mum about his first ever video, his favourite colour, biggest pet peeve etc and DUHHHH she got them all right.

Mother's do know best... Watch the video below:

Who needs a girlfriend when you've got a mum like that?

Sorry fans, blood is thicker than whatever juice runs through those stanning veins of yours.