Camila Cabello spent her birthday crying

Poor Cammy :’(

By Matt Galea
Camila Cabello spent her birthday crying

Your girl, Camila Cabello hit the big 2-0 last week and the solo artist spent the occasion like any normal girl would: with a big ol’ party complete with friends and cake.

The singer took to Twitter to share snaps from the day before her birthday where she was partying it up with her squad.

“Best birthday eve ever,” she wrote.

But hold the phone; do you see what we see?

Camila appears to be in a recording studio accompanied by a group of people including legendary singer, Pharrell Williams.

So it looks like Cammy’s upcoming album will either feature a Pharrell collab song or Pharrell produced jams.

A live image of us RN:

But while the day before her bday was all cupcakes and smiles, the day of her birthday included tears and sobbing.

Camila took to Twitter to admit that she cried her eyes out on her birthday upon listening to Ed Sheeran’s jams.

“One of my favorite pastimes since I was 15 is recording myself crying to ed Sheeran's music, the tradition continues,” she wrote.

Glad to know we’re not the only ones who blubber while listening to Ed’s music.