Camila Cabello has revealed a shocking secret about the start of her career

Okay, this changes EVERYTHING.

By Matt Galea
Camila Cabello has revealed a shocking secret about the start of her career

Some of our fave bands started out on The X Factor like One Direction, Little Mix, In Stereo and Fifth Harmony so we can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if one of them didn’t make the cut.

Well, ex-Fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabllo has revealed that she almost didn’t!

In a recent interview for Lena Dunham's podcast, Women of the Hour, Camila confessed that she almost didn’t audition for The X Factor and when she did, she barely scraped through.

"It was my 15th birthday, and I wasn't going to have quinceañera, so I asked my mom instead if her present could be for her to drive up with me to the audition," Camila recalls.

But that was only her first road block, apparently The X Factor producers were not as keen on Camila as we are!

"They chose me as an alternate," she revealed of her preliminary audition. "For two days, I was right about to go audition [with the celeb judges], and they would tell me, 'Oh no. You can't audition,'" Camila shared. "I had my whole family there, and they were like, 'We don't want to keep having you get disappointed. You might as well just go home.'"

OMG stop!

We’re imagining a dark, alternate universe where Camila actually did go home and never got to join the band.

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"I was like, 'No, just give me a shot,'" she remembers. "I ended up auditioning because they saw how badly I wanted it and how persistent I was — it's a Cuban thing. And so I got to audition. I got four yeses, went to boot camp, didn't make it and was put in my group."

YAS girl!

Cammy’s story proves that you should always, always, ALWAYS fight for what you want.

Even though Camila is no longer a Fifth Harmony member, we wouldn’t trade all those mems for anything <3.