Camila Cabello is teaming up with a member of the 1D fam

Directioners and Harmonizers, rejoice!

By Matt Galea
Camila Cabello is teaming up with a member of the 1D fam

Two of the biggest fandoms on the planet are about to see an epic collaboration from two valuable members of both worlds. While she may have left the band, Camila Cabello will ALWAYS be a special member of the 5H world having been one of the founding singers and the voice behind all of their hit tunes.

Our girl Cammy is ~rumoured~ to be working with an uber important member of the One Direction fam, Steve Aoiki who Louis Tomlinson has collaborated with and has called his ”brother”.

Cabello is currently working hard in the studio on her debut album and an IG photo has surfaced of the pair spending time together in the studio.

The pic of the famous duo was posted on Steve’s Insta, with the caption ”Bad Things” which, of course, is a reference to Cammy’s song with Machine Gun Kelly.

There has been no offish announcement as to whether or not a fiyah duet between the two is gonna go down, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Srsly though, how ~amaze~ would Camila’s vocals sound on a song made up of Steve’s legendary beats!?