Cara Delevingne and St Vincent 4EVER

Cara reckons she’s 'the one' ♡ ♡

Word on the street is that Cara Delevingne is head of heels in L-O-V-E with her muso girlfriend St Vincent.

Yep, St. Cara is a thing and we ship them SO HARD. In between their cutesy, secret Instagram love post dedications and all-round chicness, it’s also quite possible that these ladies are the most fashionable couple of the moment. (Soz, GI Joe)

According to ~insiders~ at Closer, St. Cara is getting pretty serious.

“They're so in love and both say they feel like they've found The One. When Annie asked Cara to move in with her, she agreed immediately. They feel really settled at the moment.”

"They're both really busy, but will hop on a plane and spend hours flying if it means they can spend one night together."

We’re gonna put that in the too-cute-to-handle category.