Cara Delevingne’s mum really worried about her lil girl

Mumma bear says Cara’s "lonely".

By Amber Manto

When Cara flipped out at a Paris train Station recently because security asked to check her bags, it was a bit much – even for Cara.

Now Cara’s mum Pandora admits she’s worried about Cara's well-being.

She revealed to Times 2 magazine: "She has a very strange life. One minute she's surrounded by friends, the next she's all on her own jetting across the world. Everyone thinks they know her, but they don't and it's quite a lonely life. Sometimes I wish my little girl would just come home.

"Then I remember she's not my little girl any more. She's her own woman, Cara, and I respect her for that," she added.

True that mumma Pandora, she's not only starring the new film Suicide Squad with Margot Robbie, she's also returned to the modelling world after a brief time away.

Cara has spoken openly in the past about her struggles with depression so we really hope she hasn't taken a turn down that dark tunnel again.