Cara Delevingne gets payback on lurking paparazzi

Oh, Cara...

It was only last week that Cara was getting all sassy with paps who invade her privacy just a liiiitttle too much, and now she’s finally got her revenge.

Armed with water pistols, Cara and her bae St. Vincent stormed out their home, (water) guns blazing and started squirting the unsuspecting paparazzi who were lurking near their front door.

We imagine something sorta like this...

Though it was actually more like this...

This wasn’t the first time the paps had been drenched by the water pistols though. Apparently they’d been there earlier in the night but had been so surprised by all the action that they'd forgot to take shots (whoops), so they returned a while later to capture all the action.

Cara is known for her hatred of imposing paps. In September she went on an epic Twitter rant after photographers blocked her way and camped outside her home.

Ah well, seems you're sorta coping with it now Cara, whatever works for you. XOXO

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