Oh dear: Cara Delevingne may have to reshoot scenes for Suicide Squad

Naaaaaht good.

If you were counting down the days until you saw Cara Delevingne doing her thing in Suicide Squad then you may want to get the white-out for your diary cos there’s possibly going to be a delay.

Word has it Warner Bros. is reshooting a bunch of scenes cos the film isn’t funny enough yet. Oh, and it’s costing them a pretty packet too; “Tens of millions” according to a source over at Birth Movies Death.

"Every joke in the movie is in that trailer," the source added.

And since people ~LURVED~ the trailer so much, it made bigwigs execs over at Warner Bros. a bit nervous, and they started to reconsider the rest of the movie. They’ve since decided to fork out the big bucks and up the LOL factor pronto so audiences won’t be disappointed when they see the actually film.

Apparently reshoots are happening RN so hopefully the film comes out August 5 as planned.

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