Cara Delevingne has gotten into a HUGE Twitter feud

Like, huge.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Cara Delevingne gets into huge Twitter feud

Ah, we haven't seen an epic Twitter feud in a while. We can probably say this is the first celeb Twitter back-and-forth of 2017, and it involves your girl Cara Delevingne.

On Saturday she shared a tweet about how happy she was to be starting a new venture.

"On my way to do something incredibly exciting and I am very nervous." She wrote.

Harmless, yeah? Apparently not to this "celeb". Brad Long decided to tell Cara just how he felt about her career, and eyebrows...

"@Caradelevingne hopefully an interview for a real job. Your looks will fade, Cara. You can't cash in on your eyebrows forever." Um, K?!

Cara decided to clap back.

"@BradTheLadLong Grow up and look at the bigger picture. Maybe try read a book or do something actually worthwhile," she said.

Then came a cringey back and forth:

This Brad Long character is wayyy out of line, especially asking someone like Cara if she knew who he was? Random. He then backed off because he didn't want Cara to use him for publicity...

Fans weren't having it.

After all the irrelevant drama, Cara came back to explain what her first tweet was all about, and how it wasn't about her 'looks' whatsoever.

"You will regret saying that. I am actually trying to do something good. This has nothing to do with my 'looks'."

"You are just a another thirsty man who puts people down for attention on twitter and who thinks that looks are all that's important. Try doing something for the world, period! I have no time no another man trying to tear down a woman for being successful.

"Sidebar. I have flown 10 hours and am not even halfway to what will be the most incredible experience of my life."

So what's the most incredible experience of her life? WELL, turns out she is partnering with Girl Up, a campaign part of the United Nations Foundation that helps create opportunities for girls in developing countries. She was on a flight to South Sudan during the Twitter exchange, to meet with a group of refugees in need of educational support.