Want to see a hybrid of Emma Watson and Taylor Swift?

Spoiler alert: she’s stunning.

A Photoshop genius by the named of Pedro Berg Johnsen has spliced together pics of celebrities to make them twice as beautiful hybrids and the results are jaw-dropping.


Emma Watson/Taylor Swift

Barbara Palvin/Cara Delevingne

Megan Fox/Angelina Jolie

Scarlett Johanssen/Elizabeth Olsen


“I use a bit of Photoshop for final touches and editing, but the actual blending is done in a program called SqirlzMorph,” Pedro told PetaPixel.

“It’s free, and pretty easy to use.”

Naturally we had to try it for ourselves but the results were a lot less impressive and ended up looking like this:

So... maybe we'll leave it to the experts.