Who’s on whose side in the Taylor vs Kim take down of the century

Tay's iconic squad might be crumbling around her.

By Amber Manto

Just like when you have a fight at school, the battlelines are starting to be drawn in Hollywood and MANY celebs have already picked which side they're on. In the red corner, we have Kim Kardashian and in the blue, Taylor Swift.


First up Selena Gomez.

When all the drama unfolded, Selena was quick to defend her BFF like any good BFF would.

The internet was less than impressed with Sel's comments (for what reason we're still not too sure) and pretty soon #SelenaGomezIsOverParty was trending and Sel was getting draaaaged online, but that's a WHOLE other story.

Next up Demi Lovato, kween of fueds.

Dems wasn’t happy about Sel's comments and promptly unfollowed her on Twitter. She also liked this tweet which pretty much says which camp she was on:

Next up, Zendaya.

The kween of class and Tay squad member apparently liked then unliked these tweets which indicate she doesn't care for drama:

However, this is just a screenshot so we’re unsure if this is #Legit or not.

Khloé Kardashian and Chloë Grace Moretz made their opinions known early on with Khlo sticking up for her sis and other Chlo begging the internet to focus on more important issues happening the world. It got very heated. VERY.

Model Martha Hunt and Ruby Rose were both #TeamTay all the way.

However *Camilla Belle, who dated Joe Jonas after Tay waaaay back in 2008, the same gal Tay ~allegedly~ dissed in her song Better Than Revenge shared this shady von shady Insta which clearly referenced said song…

Revenge anyone? BURN! Soz Tay.

And finally there was no surprises who Katy Perry was barracking for.

Well actually there was. Her little tiff with Tay seem to pale in comparison to the crapstorm Kim had just unleashed. She simply posted a promo for her new song, captioned "#RISE above it all" (Rise being the name of her new song). Could this have been Katy's way of waving the white flag to Tay; offering up a subliminal message to her nemesis? Or was she just taking advantage of the good timing so she could get us all listening to her fresh stuff?

Whatever the case, this drama is still unfolding as we speak so we're not outta the woods yet. Stay tuned.