12 celebs you should be following on Instagram Stories

They’ve already abandoned Snapchat.

By Amber Manto

It’s been less than 24 hours since Insty dropped the bombshell that is its new Instagram Stories feature, and already a bunch of celebs have crossed over, leaving Snapchat a pretty empty place.

Although we have no idea if these celebs are gonna abandon Snappy for good, it’s been pretty darn fun watching them try out this new feature.

If you have no idea who’s using it DW coz we’ve got a list for ya:

Taylor Swift = @taylorswift

Chloë Grace Moretz = @chloegmoretz

Nina Dobrev = @ninadobrev

Demi Lovato = @ddlovato

Joe Jonas = @joejonas

Hailey Baldwin = @haileybaldwin

Shay Mitchell = @shaym

Karlie Kloss = @KarlieKloss

Bella Thorne = @bellathorne

Nick Jonas - @nickjonas

Troye Sivan - @troyesivan

Ashley Benson - @itsashbenzo

We're sure more celebs will jump on board too and you can be sure we'll keep you updated when they do.