Channel [V] Oz Artist of the year is...

DOLLY was lucky enough to go VIP at Channel V's Oz Artist of the Year awards on the weekend.

*DOLLY* was lucky enough to go VIP at Channel [V]'s Oz Artist of the Year awards on the weekend.

Channel [V] has been on the hunt for the hottest, most talented band of 2010, with Short Stack, Amy Meredith, Bliss N Eso and John Butler Trio making it to the finals.

Check out our interview with Channel V presenters Danny Clayton and Billy Russell as we find out who took out the top prize.

What's happening down here today?
Billy: We're down at the Channel V guerrilla gig to announce the winner of 2010's Oz Artist of the Year.
Danny: It came down to four of Australia's premium bands.
Billy: The crème de la crème of Australian live music.
Danny: Bliss N Eso, Amy Meredith, John Butler Trio and Short Stack.

Which bands did you campaign for during the competition?
Danny: Billy took care of Amy Meredith.
Billy: They were sort of pandering to stereotypes when they were figuring out which band each Channel V presenter got. I'm the shortest of the bunch, so they allocated me Amy Meredith as they're all little guys.
Danny: I've got the rocker-dude haircut so I took care of Short Stack. Kyle's a hip-hop enthusiast so he was given Bliss N Eso and Jane smells a little bit like a hippy so she got John Butler Trio.

And the winner is...
Danny and Billy: Short Stack!!

How excited are you that Short Stack won?
Danny: I'm so stoked — they're my band!
Billy: I'm so not stoked. These aren't tears of joy.

Who do you think is the cutest member of Short Stack?
Billy: They're all hot babes.
Danny: I'd say Brady. He reminds me of Michael Cera and he puts his cymbals way too high on his drum kit and looks like a monkey when he plays the drums.
Billy: My favourite is Andy. He's just so good to his mother. He's a bass player, he's got rhythm, he seems like a friendly guy and he's just so loveable. You almost want to put him in your garden and put a hat on him.
Danny: Like a gnome.
Billy: A little Andy gnome.

What's the wildest thing you would have done to make your band win?
Danny: I wrote a really bad song for Short Stack, which I might even play today.
Billy: I would probably swim in the harbour. But I mean, while I wanted Amy Meredith to win, it was more about seeing the other bands lose.

Are you a Short Stack fan? Stay tuned for our exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Short Stack's visit to DOLLY HQ.