Charlie Puth has publicly outed Bella Thorne, apologising to Tyler Posey for *that* kiss

He says Bella told him she was 'single' when they hooked up.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Charlie Puth apologises to Tyler Posey for Bella Thorne

Holy guacamole this is intense.

As you may know, Charlie Puth was spotted kissing Bella Thorne in public last week, causing a helluva lot of drama since she was apparently still dating Tyler Posey.

Was Bella cheating on Tyler? Is Charlie Puth just here to steal yo' girl?? WELL, he's taken to Twitter to clear things up, and sorry Bella, he's here for the boiz.

"I'm sorry... you know who you are," Charlie began.

"I messed a lot of things up, I get it if we can't be friends....you know who you are. But if you could just come to your senses...you know who you are."

It wasn't 'till his next few tweets that he was definitely talking to Tyler.

"No one should have their heart messed with like this, and I'm not going to be in the middle of it.

"I don't know Tyler personally, but I know he shouldn't be treated this way."

Ding ding, there's the name...

"She told me she was not with him anymore. This is all news to me.

"I want nothing but peace for all, I'm just removing myself from this."

Hot damn.

Before all these tweets, Bella tweeted a photo of herself with Charlie, so we're not sure what she's thinking about all of this but we're sure she's gonna come out and make her side clear v soon...