Charlie Puth had to cancel his entire 'Don't Talk' tour due to his bad illness


By Bianca Mastroianni

We know, we're crying too...

Last we heard of Charlie, he had to cancel a show in Raleigh, NC, because he had the flu and lost his voice.

He quickly recovered and was back on the road, but since we haven't heard much of the Puthinator. Now, we've learnt he has had to cancel not one show but his entire We Don't Talk Anymore tour because of an ~illness~.

Posting a statement on Twitter to let fans know, we're wondering what on earth is going on with all these cancelled tours recently (first Sel, now PUTH!)

It reads: "Unfortunately I have to cancel the remaining dates on my Don't Talk tour. This is the last thing I want because I love being on the road and performing and meeting every one of you. You are the reason I can do what I love most for a living and I am so thankful. I have been extremely sick pushing through these dates and haven't taken the time my body needs to recover."

We aren't sure of what he is sick with, but we're praying 4 Puth that it's nothing too serious...