Uh oh… Charlie Puth has started a war with Justin Bieber #OhNoCharlie

Hagrid voice I should not have said that.

There are two things you should always remember: a) eat your greens and b) NEVER EVER wage a war against Justin Bieber.

Charlie Puth has disobeyed the second rule of the pop star universe and TBH we’re just waiting here with our popcorn for it to turn into a proper celeb Twitter feud.

It all started during a Puth performance. Right before Charlie was about to sing “We Don’t Talk Anymore” which he wrote with Selena Gomez (WHOOP THERE IT IS), Charlie had a not-so-nice message for JB…

“[cEnSoreD] you, Justin Bieber.”


Once he came of stage and realised what he just did, his brain reminded him that it’s not a great idea to start beef with Biebs so he quickly backpedalled with this tweet:

Hmm… that "however" at the end of that tweet is still sending off major ~shade~ vibes.

Even more suss is that fact that Puth deleted his tweets not long after posting them, so we’re assuming that wasn’t a heartfelt apology.

No word from JB as yet, but right now we reckon this is an accurate representation of Charlie:

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