Could Cheryl get any more pregnant than this?

We mean... look at her.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Cheryl looks more pregnant than ever in oversized sweater

These rumours have to be put to rest soon. Honestly, we're surprised they have gone on for so long without comment from either Cheryl or Liam.

But, that's exactly why we're thinking they're true. It's very easy to deny something that is absolutely false... but if it's true... the easiest way to not get attention is to ignore it completely.

In fact, Cheryl's close friend Brian Friedman just claimed that she's pregnant with her first bub, and Chez did nothing to squash the claims, other than step out in THIS!

He spoke to new! magazine, saying, "Everyone wants to be in love, everyone wants to be happy.

"And now they're having a baby together, so they definitely found something great. It's funny to think back how long ago it was that they first met.

"There's something ironic in that they both came up into the industry in the same way, so they have an immediate connection."


Okay then.

While filming Who Do You Think You Are Cheryl wore a very loose-fitting sweater, and yeah, she looks radiant AF! So, like, when's it due??