Cheryl and Liam Payne are having a few disagreements and plz don't break up

Especially since she wants him to sign an NDA...

By Bianca Mastroianni

Everything we've seen from Liam and Cheryl has been really, really happy. So happy that rumours have spread so far to include marriage and kids.

So it comes as a surprise that they're ~supposedly~ having problems with their relationship RN, and it's basically over Cheryl's insecurities.

Apparently, Cheryl is insisting on Liam signing an NDA.

For all of you folk who aren't down with the lingo, an NDA is a non-disclosure agreement. It means Liam would be forced under contract to never speak of the details regarding his and Cheryl's relationship to anyone whether they stay together or break up. Er, intense right?

According to a source at Now! magazine, "Cheryl's been hurt badly in the past. She understandably wants to protect herself and she can't see why Liam doesn't get that.

"Liam isn't keen. He'd never do anything to hurt her. And deep down, Cheryl knows that so Liam doesn't see the point."

The source continued, "What he [Liam] wants are simple pleasures like cooking, curling up together with the dog, training and making music.

"But Cheryl's on a totally different page and the gap between them is growing wider by the day."

Not sure we can deal with another celeb break-up. Plz let love live.