Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham pull the ultimate prank on his mum

10 points to these two.

By Amber Manto

When they’re not posting loved-up pics of themselves on Insta or giving us all a lesson in couple dressing Chloë and Brooklyn like to play pranks on Brookie’s mum, Victoria.

AKA Posh Spice.

Coz they are literally the cutest couple in Hollywood RN (#biased), #Blowie have a tornado of rumours constantly circling around them. The latest, naturally, being about their apparent engagement.

“Sometimes, we'll just look at each other and laugh,” Chloe told UK Glamour, when asked how her and bae respond to such ~crazy~ stories.

They, or mainly cheeky Brooklyn, decided to take it a step further and try convince his OWN MOTHER the rumours were true.

"Like the other day, when I said, 'Apparently we're engaged', and he took a picture of the 'ring' and sent it to his mum saying, 'The rumours are true!'"

Chlo didn’t reveal exactly if mama V believed him, or what happened next but considering she’s also been in the spotlight for most of her life we’re gathering she would have had a good LOL and got back to doing whatever she was doing.

Honestly though, these two.