Chloë Moretz is sick of being Brooklyn Beckham's GF

Don't you even think about calling her Brooky's lady.

By Sammy Stewart

Whether you agree with her stance on nude selfies or not, you can't deny the fact that Chloë Moretz is NOT one girl to be messed with. EVER.

Since she was six, Chlo has made her way from a lil supporting actress to a fully fledged kween of Hollywood. So when she speaks, we listen.

In a recent interview with Glamour UK, Chloë had a few little issues about her current relationship with Brooklyn Beckham she had to get off her chest.

Chlo started off by expressing how much she dislikes being referred to as "Brooklyn's GF": "Seriously, you don’t know how often I’m just described as ‘his girlfriend.' And you think: ‘Well, I’ve also been acting for 13 years, but don’t worry.’”


Chlo's outspokenness might get her into rifts with the Kardashians, but she added it really doesn't bother her: "Do you really want to stir the pot?' I'd get asked early on. And once I'd thought about it, I decided that, yeah, actually, I do. Because that one person who speaks out ignites millions of other people to speak out..."

Speaking the T-R-U-T-H yet again. Keep it up, kween.