Chloë Grace Moretz takes Brooklyn Beckham to 'If I Stay' premiere

Brooklyn and Chloë sent the rumour mill into over drive at the premiere of her new flick 'If I Stay'.

If you’re still not completely convinced that teen sensation Chloë Grace Moretz is actually dating Posh and Becks son, Brooklyn Beckham, we’ve got some more proof for you.

This time, we came VERY close to finally getting a shot of them together on the red carpet. Brooklyn and Chloë sent the rumour mill into over drive at the premiere of her new flick If I Stay because, well, they were both there!

Brooklyn played the whole ‘boyfriend’ role perfectly by supporting the opening night of Chloë’s new movie. The pair even wore matchy-matchy colours (taking a leaf out of Posh and Becks couple dressing book, are we?)

The pair have previously been spotted at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards together. While Chloë rocked the red carpet solo, she didn’t arrive that way! In fact, the 17-year-old Kick Ass star and 15-year-old Brooklyn were snapped together at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles before they posed separately for pics at the event.

We first got suspicious about their budding romance when they were snapped skateboarding together in Los Angeles. And, as it turns out, Brooklyn broke up with his British girlfriend soon after that.

According to a source Brooklyn called things off with his girl in order to spend more time with Chloë.

"He broke up with her just a few weeks ago," a source recently told E! News. "Right before she was set to take him to prom."

The insider added, "Photos surfaced of Brooklyn hanging out with Chloë in Los Angeles and then all of a sudden, he told his girlfriend that he couldn't make it to prom after all."


Neither Chloë or Brooklyn have officially stated they're dating but Chloë did open up about her relationship with the young model in a recent interview.

"We SoulCycle at the same place," Chloë spilled to Company Magazine. "We met a while ago and then just kinda started hanging out."

The mag also quizzed Chloë about that skateboarding date.

"Who's better? I don't know!" Chloë said. "I mean, he had a pretty small skateboard, and I had more of a longboard. I think he's a risk-taker, like a typical guy, weaving in and out of people. I'm a 'safety boarder' - I don't want to break any bones!"

Given all the hang-time they’ve been having, we think it’s fair to say they’re our new favourite young Hollywood couple. And possibly the cutest.