Chloë Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham first met at the most #average place ever

Oh stahp it!

By Sammy Stewart

It’s pretty obvi Chloë Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham are mad into each other.

Last week they posted a bunch of consecutive couple selfies, started wearing matching shoes and just a few days ago they made their first #official red carpet appearance.

Such cuties.

Currently on the promo tour for Bad Neighbours 2, a loved-up Chloe really just wanted to talk about her boyfy, as you would.

"He's a sweetie. He's a good boy! she told Entertainment Tonight.

Babes even revealed ~HOW~ the two met and TBH ship them or not, it’s pretty cute.

"I think [we met] at SoulCycle or something random. That's how it is! Every Hollywood love story [starts] at SoulCycle."

FYI this is SoulCycle:

Moral of the story? You can find love legit ANYWHERE.