Christina Grimmie’s attacker was actually an obsessed fan

New details have emerged.

By Amber Manto

There wasn’t a single soul on planet Earth who heard and wasn’t shocked when news of Christina Grimmie’s death broke last weekend; espesh her good pals Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

As we know, Christina was signing autographs after her Florida show when an armed man attacked her. She was rushed to hospital but sadly passed away.

Now, details about who exactly that man was have been released. Turns out he wasn’t someone who hated Christina, in fact it was quite the opposite; he was obsessed with her.

According to his co-workers, he'd constantly listen to her music at work and was convinced one day they’d get married, reports TMZ .

He went so far as to change the way he looked so she’d notice and fall for him. However he’d never actually met her although he told his co-workers he had, and also claimed he played online games with her.

His co-workers stated he was furious when they told him she had a boyfriend (her producer), which Christina had always kept lowkey. And it’s this rage which led him to do what he eventually did.

So sad.

There's one thing being a fan but when that tips over into infatuation, it's really not a healthy mindset to be in.