8 clues about Scream Queens season 2 that were dropped at this year's Comic-Con

Number 8 though, like woah!

By Amber Manto

When it was announced Scream Queens would be back on our screens September 20, piece by piece we started to gather clues about what to expect from season 2.

Then Comic-Con happened and the motherload of all hints were dropped. Let’s run through them shall we?

1. Dean Munsch purchases the hospital where it will be set with the money she made from her book; it’s a former mental asylum. However there’s no clue as to WHY she decides to buy it and how the Chanels end up there.

2. Saturday Night Live comedian Cecily Legler Strong will join the cast along with Teen Wolf babe Colton Hayes. Colton will play a patient. Um, yes please.

3. The Chanels won’t be as ~glamourous~ as they were in season 1 and will be forced to do some actual work. Emma Roberts said: “They have fallen from glamour, but they're trying to hold onto it as much as they can... so, it's funny seeing them try to hold onto their style, they have no money. They have to work, which is something that's completely foreign to them.”

4. Don’t stress though, there will still be all the ~amazing fashion~ we’ve come to expect. “They definitely have some really cool hospital gear. There's definitely some, like, fur stethoscopes and some rhinestone stethoscopes. There's definitely a lot of capes,” Emma revealed.

5. Hester WON’T be a hospital patient and her outfit is “very comfortable” as Lea Michele puts it. Hmmmm… prison jumpsuit perhaps? Oh and she’ll also have a new accessory this season that ain’t a neck brace.

6. John Stamos will play head of surgery, a doctor who was the recipient of the world’s first complete hand transplant. Interesting… will this hand force him to commit some killings we wonder? Producers told John, “You may have a hand from a surgeon, or you may have a hand from a squash player who killed his opponents and then ate them." Yep, we thought so.

7. Zayday will play a med student, chosen by Dean Munsch to roam the halls of the hospital and give her a hand with things. Bet they'll be no crap going down on her watch.

  1. There’s a THREE-YEAR time jump!

Ummm can it be September 20 like, now please? CAN'T WAIT.