Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid were seated next to each other on a flight

Some would call it fate, others would call in the most awkward flight in the universe.

Usually when you go through a break-up, the stages include denial, grief, anger, anger, a photo burning ceremony, anger, 36 rotations of Taylor Swift's 1989 album and seven kilos of Ben and Jerry’s.

But regardless of how a break-up plays out, nothing can prepare you for the awkwardness of a run-in with your ex (which is why we like to go into stealth mode).

Unfortunately for Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid (whose split is still fresh in our minds), the pair were seated next to each other on a flight home from Toronto to the US.

Obviously Cody had to capture the moment on Snapchat so we could all bask in the awkwardness together.

Gah. We can feel the tension seeping through our computer screens.

Gigi and Cody were both in Canada after attending the Much Music Awards and managed to avoid any cringe-worthy encounters… till the flight, that is.

Oh to be a flight attendant on that plane!

I guess they were both just thankful that Gigi’s rumoured BF Joe Jonas wasn’t wedged in the seat between them…