Cody Simpson said there’s “no way” he’d ever work with Joe Jonas

Watch Cody take a nasty snipe at Gigi Hadid’s new rumoured boyfriend.

Not that we had our hearts set on a Cody Simpson and Joe Jonas duet (OK, maybe a little), but Cody has delivered our soul a crushing blow by revealing that he would never do a collab with Joe Jonas.

While out on the town with his muso mate (and co future band member) Corey Harper, TMZ grilled Cody Simpson with some pretty awkward questions.

The reporter asked Cody if he would ever consider working with Gigi Hadid’s new rumoured boyfriend, Joe Jonas, to which Harper fired back: “That’s a cop out, that’s so mean.”

That’s when Cody leapt in and threw some major shade in the direction of Joe J.

“Why would you say that to me? No way. No way,” he said of doing a potential collab with Joe.

We guess that’s a no then…

At the end of the vid, Cody gets a bit sweary and upset and it's all just too much awkward for us to handle.

But seriously Codz, if you need any comforting, just give us a shout.