Cole Sprouse accidentally unverified his Twitter account and kinda liked it

Wow, he's so like, normal now.

By Sammy Stewart

Remeber Cole Sprouse from The Suite Life Of Zac and Cody?

Well, this is what he looks like now:

Just kidding, this is him:

But you already know that, who are we kidding you have notifications sent to your phone whenever he tweets. Which might've made you wonder in the last 24 hours why bae was missing that little blue tick...

Turns out Cole accidentally unverified himself, but instead of freaking out and worrying the people might think he's a peasant, he just ~went with it~.

Funnily enough, turnz out it was all his fault.

Before you knew it, Cole's partner in crime Dylan chimed in with this gem...

Oh yas. Someone pls pop these two back on the telly for us. NOW.