Cole Sprouse's new show is like Pretty Little Liars in a parallel universe

Full of suspicious deaths and hotties.

By Bianca Mastroianni

CW is up to its old tricks and is releasing a brand-spankin' new show... but this one totally mirrors Pretty Little Liars and we're KEEN!!

Not only does Cole Sprouse play a main character in the show (YAS!) but the rest of the cast are mega-baben too.


Typical for CW though, just look at our PLL gals...

And guys.


Anyway, the new show will be called Riverdale (sounds pretty famil to Rosewood dontcha think) and is based on the Archie comics.

That isn't the only similarity though - there has been a murder that rocks the town of Riverdale.

Vulture reports the official show description:
"As a new school year begins, the town of Riverdale is reeling from the recent, tragic death of high school golden boy Jason Blossom — and nothing feels the same. Riverdale may look like a quiet, sleepy town, but there are dangers in the shadows."

Very familiar, much storyline similarities...

Our binge-loving souls are SO READY!

This is defs what we needed to recover from rumours of PLL ending at season 7.