Cole Sprouse had the best reaction to his brother Dylan's return to acting

Classic Cole.

By Jessica Lynch

We just about lost our shiz with excitement over the news that Dylan Sprouse would be making a return to acting in the form of Indie flick Carte Blanche, but it seems that twin bro Cole couldn’t muster the same enthusiasm.

Screenshotting a news article on Twitter featuring his equally ~baben’~ bro, Cole took the opportunity to call him out on something that anyone with siblings will relate to.

“Hey can you return my f------ t-shirts too?” he commented alongside the snap.

Obvs he’s just having a bit of banter with Dyl, and we’re she sure just as happy for him to return to the limelight as we are - but srsly, we totally understand how annoying it is when your bro or sis rifles through your stuff without asking and nicks your fave jumper.

So, we feel you Cole. We feel you.