This is REAL reason why Cole Sprouse checked out of the Tipton Hotel forever

Will he ever act with Dylan again?

By Amber Manto

After The Suite Life on Deck ended way in 2011, at a time when we were all still obsessed with Twilight #Memories, lil Cole Sprouse vanished from our TV screens and our lives.

Fast-forward five years and he’s emerged a total bae and is back in showbiz [starring in a new TV show, Riverdale] (http://www.dolly.com.au/celebrity/cole-sprouse-archie-comics-comeback-6926), which is based on the Archie Comics.

So why the radio silence for last half a decade? Was he just so busy getting hot and nailing that moody stare that he didn't have time for anything else?

Nope. Cole's been getting himself educated, studying archaeology and pursing his love for photography. He needed a solid break from the spotlight (he started acting at just 8 months old with his bro Dylan) and was working in the biz with Disney till he was 17.

"I needed to take a break and step outside myself… I needed a dose of reality and I needed to see myself in a more objective point of view,” Cole told EW. “And now I think I can enjoy [acting], which is a really fundamental part about being an actor."

Yeah, defs.

So just to be clear Cole, there was no beef with Disney?

"I'm not saying that we didn't enjoy that time [on Disney], but it was work," he added. " I'm glad to be [acting] on my own accord now."

There's no offish air date for Riverdale as yet but it'll hopefully be out later this year. So will bro Dylan being making a guest appearance, after all, the boys have always acted together?

“I’m sure he’d entertain that idea.”