Colton Haynes tearfully accepts human rights award, makes us cry like lil babies

Try to watch this and not go "YAS COLTON!"

By Sammy Stewart

Earlier this year, Arrow star Colton Haynes courageously came out as gay. He revealed the private struggle with his sexuality he’d been dealing with from an early age and fans showered him with nothing but love, praise and support.

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Earlier this week, a very emotional Colton was honoured with the 2016 Human Rights Campaign Award in Seattle, which he accepted with a speech that made us cry like proud parents.

Watch it HERE

"I've experienced a lot of 'wow' moments in my life," he began. "But I think tonight, it's probably topping all of them."

Colton added: "Earlier this year, I guess my coming out, it was a bit splashy for many people. But that's how entertainment works, and it seems to make a bigger deal of everyone's personal decisions, you know? And every one of you already knows this — I never made a decision to be gay. It came just as naturally as the color of my eyes."

The feels got even deeper when Colton made this comment, "Tonight I can actually be myself for the first time, and it feels incredible. I feel lucky just knowing we have such a strong, fierce, united community that believes as I do that equality is our birthright. It's not a slogan."

Before he concluded, Colton added that he hopes he can inspire other young people to have the "confidence" so they can "be who they are as well."

Hearts around the world seriously broke last month when Colton revealed that he had grown up believing that his father killed himself after he found out Colton was gay. He told Out magazine that he had come from a background where "you couldn't be gay," which led to him concealing his sexuality and living an unhappy life.

Eventually Colton decided to move in with his sister, went to a new high school where he could totally be himself; he got a boyfriend, became Prom King and eventually went on to #MakeIt in Hollywood.

Congrats babes! We can't wait to see what this inspiring Prince does next.