Colton Haynes reveals the heartbreaking reason why it took him so long to come out as gay

This is why Colton was 'taking his time'.

By Sammy Stewart

If you take a peep at Colton Hayne's Instagram, it's clear this babe is really living his best life. Earlier this year Colton found the courage to come out publicly as gay which was met with thousands of supportive messages from his fans.


However, there were a few people who criticised Colton for taking "so long' to come out. In particular? Noah Gavin from The Real O'Neils called Colton's announcement "pussy bulls*". He later apologised.

In a recent and raw interview with Out magazine, Colton opens up about his tough childhood, growing up in a family who weren't accepting of his sexuality. He revealed he was bullied by his school mates and shunned by his mum when he told her he was gay. But the worst of it was when Colton found out his dad had committed suicide and in case that wasn't traumatic enough to deal with, Colton was then told he was to blame.

"I'm the last person in the world who would say, 'Oh, my dad — pity me,'" he told Out.

"But I was told that my dad killed himself because he found out I was gay. So, of course, I lost it and was like, 'How could you say something like that?' And no-one will ever really know the truth. But my brother and my mum went to pick up my dad's stuff, and the only picture on his fridge was my eighth-grade graduation picture. So I was just like, F*."

Eventually Colton decided to move in with his sister, went to a new high school where he could totally be himself; he got a boyfriend, became Prom King and eventually went on to #MakeIt in Hollywood.

Colton's inspiring story is a reminder there's no such thing as "taking too long" to come to terms with your sexuality. It's all about whatever feels right for YOU.

So much respect, Colton <3

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