WOAH: Danielle Campbell is finally introduced to lil Freddie

DaniLou must be getting super srs then hey...

Just when you thought you were satisfied seeing Louis pushing a pram with little Freddie all tucked up inside, a mere day later this beauty of a shot has been gifted to the planet.

That’s right, here we have Papa Louis carrying bb Freddie in a baby capsule. Oh and who’s that he’s with? Doesn’t look like Briana even though she DID just dye her hair that colour...

Nope it’s none other than Louis' GF Danielle Campbell.

For the last two months, since Freddie's been out womb, there's were rumours swirling that Briana didn’t want Danielle anywhere near her precious bub so either they weren’t true, or she’s changed her mind.

Though if you believe Bri's cousin Ashley, she may not have known about this ~little outing~ and perhaps will be having a few words with Lou when she sees him next.

Whatever the case, it's nice to see DaniLou are going strong and we're sure Danielle is just as smitten with bb Freddie as the rest of us. XOXO

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