Danielle Campbell has a few things to say about Briana Jungwirth...

This is how you talk about your BF's ex.

By Sammy Stewart

We've got another reason why Danielle Campbell is the almighty, reigning kween.

The Originals star and Louis Tomlinson's GF was recently asked during a red carpet event a bunch of questions about Louis, Freddie and even BRIANA.

Just a quick reminder, Briana is not so keen on Danielle and has been know to tweet such things like this:

So, What did Danielle say?

"I think Louis and Briana have done a great job of raising him," Danielle said reassuringly.

"He's one of the most special little boys so they've done a great job."

Ooooh, but Danielle wasn't done there: "He's stunning. I mean he's got beautiful parents, it's hard to argue with."

That's it D, taking the higher road with no additional servings of sass.

The goals are strong with this one <3 Watch the interview ABOVE!