Deadpool has been ~sorted~ into a Hogwarts house and the result will defs shock you

So unexpected...

By Grace Back

The question on everybody's mind...which Hogwarts house does Deadpool belong to. I know, I know...you've been dying to know. Well the wait is over.

Deadpool is ~officially~ a Hufflepuff! Before you completely dismiss the idea, hear us out. According to Pottermore, Hufflepuffs value hard work, patience and loyalty. And in a weird and ~wacky~ way, Deadpool exhibits those qualities.

It all began when Reddit user kittenghost found a visual clue from a flashback in the comics. The comic shows Deadpool standing outside a bookstore with other Harry Potter fans, waiting to buy Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Wade and the others, many of whom are kids, are talking about the efforts they’ve gone through to avoid spoilers online.

However, just then a car drives by, and one of the passengers yells out to the crowd, ~spoiler alert in case you’ve spent the last decade living under a rock~ “Snape kills Dumbledore! Snape kills Dumbledore!”

It’s then that you see Deadpool is wearing none other than Hufflepuff robes, thus confirming his House allegiance.

Well, now you know. Hope that's a massive weight lifted of ya shoulders.