This is what happens when Demi Lovato picks you up from school

Demi Lovato drops these girls off to school and it’s the greatest thing ever

Imagine you and the squad were waiting outside your school in the afternoon waiting for your Mum to swing by and pick you up.

Except, with Demi Lovato driving.

During her trip to the UK, Demi along with the help of hilarious radio host and good friend of Harry Styles, Nick Grimshaw picked up three teens from school – who had no idea that a major celeb would be taking them home.

Nick then communicated with the girls throughout the trip while the school students were forced to ask Demi loads of epic awkward questions like, “Is Iggy Azalea’s bum real?” and “how much money are you worth?”

Yep. Seriously cringe-worthy, but Demi (and the girls) manage to make it seriously entertaining.

Check out the LOLz in the clip above!