Demi Lovato has started an Instagram war with Mariah Carey

It all started with a meme.

By Sammy Stewart


Demi Lovato has unintentionally (or intentionally #Hmm) started a war with Mariah Carey and it all began over THIS meme:

Rather than just scroll on by, Demi had to start WWIII and commented "you got it the wrong way around honey" and OH SNAP she just threw shade at Kween Mariah Carey.

This isn't the first time Demz has thrown shade at Miss Mariah. Just two weeks ago a video surfaced of Jennifer Lopez explaining her feud with MC isn't a big deal.

Demi commented, "Cause my girl is classy like that."

Oh, and she also commented this not long after...

Ummm and errrr.... did we miss something?

Oh Demz.