Demi Lovato shares an adorable photo of her and her new boyfriend on Instagram

It's happened, they've become official.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Although this isn't really ~news~ to anyone, Demi has finally herself made things official with Luke Rockhold. Yayyy!

TMZ kind of burst their bubble by posting a pic of them together on Instagram, then Nick Jonas went along and outed them on his own social media. Now, Demi must have thought it was time to finally claim it.

After attending the UFC fight in New York together, Demi uploaded the above pic of her and Luke, captioned, "About last night..."

She hasn't yet mentioned what it is about last night, but our money's on it being about her new, undying love for Mr. Rockhold. CUTE.

A source had recently told E! that she is not "looking for something that serious.

"She thinks Luke is a cool dude and he makes her smile. She is the kind of girl that takes [things] day by day and just lives in the moment." Either way, good luck to them both.