Did Kim Kardashian just reveal that she’s pregnant?

Why aren’t we surprised that Kim’s stealing Beyoncé’s thunder?

By Matt Galea
Did Kim Kardashian just reveal that she’s pregnant?

Guys, we don’t wanna alarm anyone, but Kim Kardashian low-key might be pregnant with her third child!

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How do we know, you ask?

We heard it straight from Kimmy herself, in fact!

Well, sort of.

The reality star posted an incredibly cryptic tweet that gives us reason to believe that she is expecting.

A Kardash fan tweeted: "RT fi you're getting pregnant in time for the Kim + Kanye kids line launch."

Kimmy retweeted the post, adding laughing emojis with multiple babies and a girl with her hand raised.

So, does this mean that she’s raising her hand to say that she will be pregnant in time for the launch of her kids line?

The tweet started an absolute Twitter STORM as fans started speculating that Kim was pregz.

The mother of two was quick to shut the rumour down, tweeting: ”Def not!”

But then what’s with the previous tweet?

Also, Kim has been known to lie about her personal affairs and have them leak out eventually.

It would be really curious timing if Kim was pregnant as her ~rumoured~ rival Beyoncé just announced that she is expecting twins, meaning that she will soon have three children just like Kim would if she were pregz.

Curious, very curious.

~Strokes imaginary beard.~

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