We bet you missed all these references in Taylor Swift's music videos

Did you notice any of these?

By Matt Galea
We bet you missed these references in Taylor Swift's music videos

While Tay's music videos may seem like a random array of to-die-for outfits, dramatic facial expressions, coloured wigs and celeb cameos, Team DOLLY has spotted loads of references carefully planted in your fave vids.

VIDEO: 'Mine.'

INSPO: The Notebook.

The scene with Tay and her lover boy on the boat is a total shout out to Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in the classic romance movie, The Notebook which Tay is a huge fan of!

VIDEO: 'Blank Space.'

INSPO: Mean Girls.

Tay took revenge tips from Mean Girls by cutting holes in her BF's shirts. You can thank Janis for that one!

VIDEO: 'Shake It Off.'

INSPO: Black Swan.

Taylor's white ballerina costume is a nice nod to Natalie Portman's character in the creepy ballet thriller, Black Swan.

VIDEO: 'Love Story.'

INSPO: 'Rome & Juliet.'

This is an obvious one! Visually and lyrically, this song pays homage to the epic Shakespearean tragedy of star-crossed lovers. Fortunately, it has a happier ending. "Baby, just say YES."

VIDEO: 'Bad Blood.'

INSPO: Britney Spears.

INSPO: The Hunger Games.

INSPO: Tron: Legacy.

INSPO: The Fifth Element.

This one had a Swift load of references! When Taylor is in the healing pod dressed in white, we had major flashbacks to '90s sci-fi film, The Fifth Element, while the Swift squad's training room looks a helluva lot like the one seen in The Hunger Games where Katniss and co learn all their fighting skills.

Tay and Jessica Alba on motorbikes is a throwback to video-game movie Tron: Legacy, and don't you reckon red-headed Taylor at the end looks just like Britney Spears in her video for 'Toxic'!?

In summary, Taylor Swift is a pop culture KWEEN!