Did Zayn’s mum just throw shade at Perrie Edwards?

Fans of the Little Mix star are NOT happy.

By Jessica Lynch

Former flames Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards may have called it quits yonks ago, but that doesn’t mean fans of the Little Mixer are willing to let any disses on the Brit babe slide – just ask Zayn’s mum, Trisha Malik.

Posting an innocent snap of a bouquet of flowers that Z and Gigi Hadid sent to celebrate the opening of her new salon, followers were quick to fan girl over the sweet snap which Trisha captioned, ‘"From my sonshine and Gigi, love them [sic]"

Obvs appreciating all the Insta love from Zigi fans, Trish went through and ‘liked’ comments as her way of saying thanks - but in doing so she accidentally liked a comment that took aim at her son’s ex-fiancée; a move that Perrie fans took to be shady AF.

The scandalous comment in question read,

"Pls he broke up with her [Perrie] for a reason. Also 'I think he knew she don't love me'...says a lot. Also she basically admitted to never loving him and the way she's been acting about him says a lot. And Gigi knows that Zayn needs support and praise bc of his anxiety. she's always there for him and the way she talks about him with so much love and admiration while all P could say is to call [sic] Zayn a freak."

Eagle-eyed followers were quick to call out the faux pas, with the mum of the former Directioner hitting back at the suggestion of beef between her and Pez.

"I honestly don't have anything against Perrie, I never have n I never will. This is the reason I don't come on to social media, because everything u do always gets blown up in to some big drama. I didn't like this comment, I must have pressed it by mistake as I was going through them, so please don't say things about me that r not true [sic]."

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So there you have it, it's all love and no drama between Trisha and Perrie. Now we can all go back to scrolling through our feeds swooning over the total #RelationshipGoals that are Zayn and Gigi. Sigh.