Here's another Disney theory to blow your socks off!

Another day, another theory.

To some, it isn't a successful day if an out of this world Disney theory isn't concocted in the deep, dark world of Tumblr, so here's to user Petiteiaras for coming up with this doozy!

Two absolute classics, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin are quite obviously set in two different places in the world - being France and an Arabian city, though we think they might be ~linked~

Belle's opening song "Little Town" has her dancing around the book shop and village, describing "far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells," and "a prince in disguise"...sound familiar?

Aladdin is set in a fictional Arabian town Agrabah, far...farrrr away from France. Aladdin was always being chased by the po-po, uhhh swordsman* for thievery, and Genie cast a spell on him to become a PRINCE!


Not convinced?

Later in Belle's song, she sings: "Here's where she meets Prince Charming. But she won't discover that it's him till chapter three."

Aladdin disguises himself as Prince Ali for the majority of the movie, but Princess Jasmine only finds out he is Aladdin in the THIRD ACT!

Belle was totes reading Aladdin.

Belle is an Aladdin fan-girl. Just like us.

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